Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cheesecake Cups Tutorial @ Something Swanky

{I've been working really hard on my Something Swanky blog and have managed post something new nearly every week day (sometimes more like every other day-ish).  I might not always post them on this blog too, so watch for the updated clip on the right side of my blog. It'll post a "snippet" of any new posts on Something Swanky, and you can just click on the title to go straight to the new post!}

Cheesecake Cup tutorial at


Cooper said...

I look more at this blog because I am more interested in pictures of Emma. I'm very interested in your baking blog, but would prefer for you to bake it for me:-)

Brenda said...

Sorry, that was my comment, didn't realize Coop was signed in on my computer!