Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decorating the Tree

We decorated our Christmas tree for Family Home Evening last night. We kind of had to do a rushed version for Emma since it was so close to bed time. Emma was in charge of the first ornament and the star-- she preformed both duties marvelously. We are clearly in the "discovering the world with my mouth" phase...

Chris and I took care of the rest of the ornaments after she went to bed. These are some of my personal favorites:

And then I continued to decorate the rest of the apartment while Chris worked on chemistry...

(The reason you're getting to see this twice is because it's my favorite decoration this year. This is one of my candy jars that I always have such a hard time filling-- both because candy is expensive and it takes a couple of bags to fill it, believe it or not, and because Chris and I can go through candy like it's... well, candy! So this year, I filled it with marshmallows. They're cheap, white like a snowman, and BEST OF ALL-- now they're easy access for hot chocolate making right on the stove!)

(my very, very favorite Christmas movie ever-- White Christmas. Chris says this movie "makes him want to vomit," so I can only watch it when he's not home or when he's doing homework-- during which time I'm not allowed to watch something "good" that might distract him.)

Happy December!

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