Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in CA!

What a crazy Christmas we had!! Mostly because we flew into CA on Christmas Eve!! I'm not sure I ever want to do that again. But nevertheless, we had a blast with Chris's family, and Emma handled the time adjustment pretty well (better than I did!).

We did LOTS of eating, enjoyed our time with family, and even met up with some blog friends...

At the beginning of our first flight... we did not look this good after Emma got plane sick and puked on three rows of passengers (including us, of course). Oh, and we didn't have a change of clothes for any of us. Chris wrapped her up in his sweat shirt (which was only partially covered in puke).

Chris bought me the next level of diaper bag for Christmas... part diaper bag, part cute purse :)

He also bought me a super cute necklace! Emma keeps licking the measuring spoons and saying "Mmmmmm! Yummy pancakes!"

Captivated by Monsters Inc., snuggled up to Unkie.

Look who found the Christmas tree money this year! (although everyone is demanding a re-match... nobody else was in the room when he found it)

April taught me how to make tamales!

We took Emma ice skating for the first time. Not really an activity that works so well for two-year-olds... oh well. We got a cute pic from it :)

Me, Dorothy, and her daughter Jordan

Me, Hayley, and Dorothy

Sushi with Jake!

The Polar Bear Run with Aaron and Tonja. We all placed!!

Another awesome gift from Chris :)

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