Saturday, January 22, 2011

I lost my phone.

So don't hate me for not returning your texts.
Or your phone calls.
And because I have lost ALL of your phone numbers.
And for not being on facebook which would make it a lot easier to get all of your phone numbers again.

If you know your number is already in Chris's phone, I'll get it from him when I get back to Utah...
However, if you are an Ashton-only phone number (you lucky duck), I'm gonna need to get that from you again :) Please, please, please, PLEASE email me your phone number. Or send me a sweet text on Monday afternoon-ish (hoping to have my new phone tomorrow, but just in case...).

Condolences appreciated.
A little.


PS- anyone ever bought a phone off of craigslist? How risky is that?

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