Friday, June 10, 2011

OK to be a Mormon Politician?

First, let me say two things: 1) I don't love that the majority of people I know who aren't "Mormon" call us "Mormons." And I really don't love it when we, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, encourage that practice by referring to ourselves as "Mormons." I just feel like it connotes the crazy and unorthodox that so many people feel we believe-- that we worship Mormon and not God and Christ. I always refer to myself and other members as "LDS," short for "Latter-day Saint." But sometimes, to communicate with the masses more effectively I suppose, we do refer to ourselves as "Mormons" in public statements. And I understand that. But on my own personal blog, I just wanted to state my preference (which has been supported by the Elders, just PS). Anyway, that was a really long "first of all." So here's 2) I'm sooooooo not political. And I'm not saying that's something to brag about, just wanted to point out my own wavering political views before putting this article out there, just to point out that I'm not pushing for one candidate or another in the least (my Dad is cringing). 

But I thought this article was interesting and wanted to share. I guess I'm also hoping it might bring some clarity of our views and involvement in politics to some of my non-LDS friends (and some of my LDS friends, for that matter) before a lot of dirty mud-slinging and accusations begin with the upcoming Presidential election.  Read it here.

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Katie said...

Hi! THis is Katie, Forrest's wife. I remembered when you were over Chris mentioned you had a blog, and so I googled your name...and it popped up! (I swear I'm not a total creeper!) Anyways, I LOVE your blog, and I love your recipe blog--all of the food you make looks so delicious. ANd by the way, I noticed you said you watch SEcret Life...I love that show, ashamedly. I'm glad other people who aren't teenagers watch it ;-)