Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Itchies

You know that feeling when you've been up for 2 hours trying to nurse the baby and then she finally goes to sleep in your arms, so you carefully tip toe to her room, ever so gently lay her down, tip toe back to your bed, cuddle up to your husband, get all comfortable, lay there for half an hour, realize you're now too awake to fall back asleep and as you're thinking about how awake you still are, you realize that your head is kind of itching? And now that you're thinking about it, your foot is itching, and your arm, and that spot behind your knee that's kind of hard to reach when you're laying down... And then your husband sighs that I'm-annoyed-but-you're-the-mother-of-my-child-so-I-won't-say-anything sigh. So you know you have to either stop the itching or get out of bed and blog about it so hubby can sleep in peace and you can have something to do besides think about the itching.

I know that feeling.

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