Sunday, July 31, 2011

NC Birthday Love

My parents were out of town last week, so I stayed with my siblings while they were gone. They threw me a birthday party the night before I left :) So sweet. I ate my annual steak at Texas Roadhouse and made an awesome-to-eat but impossible-to-cut ice cream cake. In case you missed the special evening, this is what it looked like:

Check out my cutting utensil... it looks like an ax!! {which I could have used...}
...something's not working...
Taking a break from cake cutting to open presents...
Almond four! I wanted almond flour!!
{Addison, it's not my fault you can't take a good picture. Don't get mad.}
...getting silly.
Cooper embarrassed that he didn't get me a present...

 I think some explanation is required here: As I'm opening gifts, Cooper starts saying that one of them is from him. You know what, never mind. It was kind of a "had to be there" moment. We had a lot of those that night. In a nutshell: Cooper was funny enough that he made me cry. And in the next picture, I'm still laughing/crying... Bad picture, but it's a good enough memory, I thought I should document (and this blog is my lazy attempt at a journal/scrapbook).

Our many attempts to cut the cake... {click to enlarge}
The boys finally gave up and just started eating the chunks we were able to chisel off.

It was an awesome night!! Thanks guys :)

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