Friday, January 27, 2012


It seems only fitting that this post should follow this post.

Emma and the kitchen chair came tumbling down on Thursday night, and we spent all day on Friday in the hospital.

Emma went to bed on Thursday and woke up on Friday with a lot of neck pain. And so our Friday morning began with a visit to the the pediatricians' where Emma threw up her pain medication and donned a hospital gown for the rest of the day...

(we had to revert back to the infant car seat so she could rest her head...)

And then on to the hospital, where we took LOTS of miserable X-Rays, put on a neck brace, and got a CT Scan (with a nap in the waiting room somewhere in between):

(getting a little speed Bible study in...)

(this one looks scary, I know-- like she's dead or something-- but she just finally conked out around 4:00pm and stayed asleep through her entire CT Scan!!!)

We have fantastic friends who brought us clothes and food and a good cheering up :)
(We also have friends who spent the day in the hospital with us getting an appendix removed-- aw, sympathy pains! Thanks, P ;)

In the end, they told us that her spine isn't centered correctly.
And they don't know if that's the actual injury or if it's a strained muscle. They can't tell because her spine would look the way it does if it had been "knocked out" of alignment or if she's simply favoring a strained muscle by bending her neck (they could only get her so straight during the X-rays, as you can imagine)... I don't know if that really makes sense (all the terminology is a little fuzzy in my head). Either way, treatment's the same: a neck brace.

Emma's doing fine. As soon as we put that neck brace on, she was back to normal ready to run.
All we have to do is make sure she wears the brace all week (ha!) and takes lots of tylenol!

Wish us luck...


mamagale said...

Oh Ashton! These things happen with active, curious little ones! Seth fell off a chair while I was standing right next to him and broke his collar bone--he was about 18 months old. That was just the beginning of many ER visits for that kid. Hope Emma heals quickly!

Steffy said...

I am so sorry! My kids stand on the chairs all the time. After reading this I have a new found desire to stop that bad habit immediately. I'm glad she was so well behaved for you guys at the hospital. I hope everything is going well and that she heals up fast!

A Life in the Dirt said...

How scary!! I'm glad everything is turning out okay. She looks like such a trooper with her adorable grin. Hoping she heals quickly!