Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Emma Videos

Our little Emma has been walking for a few weeks now! She's still a little wobbly but getting the hang of it. Just in the past week she's started walking almost all of the time!

We're super excited about it. I think it's actually made our lives easier, her being able to walk. It's easier for her to play at the park, and outside in the "yard." She's not putting things from the ground into her mouth nearly as often :)

On the flipside, she's also discovered that she's now capable of opening the relief society room door and simply walking out of the meeting when she's bored.

Here's some footage:

Another skill Emma's (not-so-recently) acquired is singing. She LOVES to sing. She likes to sing her bedtime song with me while I rock her. She likes to sing the hymns at church. She likes to sing along with The Princess Frog. She even likes to sing at the dinner table:

If you're having problems viewing that second video, click here and see if that works. It's totally worth the extra click to see it :)

Also-- I would just like to apologize for my horrible sounding laugh. It's like the least feminine laugh in the world. Sorry.

***I'm still having problems with that second video. I'll check on it again tonight when I have Chris's iPad and a working copy/paste function. Sorry!***

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