Thursday, August 11, 2011

Don't be a hater....

While I was home, it came to my attention that Mom and Addy don't look at my Something Swanky blog unless it's been weeks without a post on this blog. True story.

And then I thought, if my own mother and sister (...ahem) aren't looking at my Something Swanky blog, I bet nobody else is either. Which is fine. I mean, it does put all of you non-lookers on my haters list, but it's cool, no worries.

But whether you read it regularly or not, I DO want all of you to check it out this weekend for a couple of reasons:

#1 I'm hosting my very fist sponsored giveaway, and it's awesome, and I think you'd all enjoy winning one of the awesome gift bags up for grabs. (Maybe especially Megan, Katie, Shanna, Ashley, Becca, Sarah, Marie, and.... well, all of you!!!)

#2 It's a sponsored giveaway. Which means this particular Etsy shop owner (of Boba Jewels & Gifts) has provided some of her merchandise {free of charge} to me, trusting that I will provided her with the maximum number of views and traffic generation to her shop-- and that somehow giving me free stuff will ultimately be worth it because of all the exposure I'm giving her.

1. Sweet Treats Mini Recipe Notebook
2. Cupcake Butterfly Picks with coordinating Gift Card {6}
3. Sweet Treats Pop Tags with Pop Sticks {a baker's dozen}
4. "This is No Day for a Sliver" Greeting Cards {2}
5. 4 yards of  Divine Twine {black licorice}

So even if you don't participate in the giveaway (which I strongly suggest doing-- you don't even have to be a blogger!), just viewing the page would be appreciated by the both of us! And if you do happen to be a social media user, here are some ways you can be involved this weekend:
  • Stumble today's Something Swanky post (there is a stumble button at the end of every post, and every time you click that button makes me VERY happy-- you don't even have to be a stumble user!) If you don't know what the stumble button looks like, here's a picture:
  •  Visit Boba Jewels & Gifts Etsy Shop (just click that link) and add her shop to you favorites (if you have an Etsy account).
  • Tweet about my giveaway (include @somethingswanky in the tweet)
  • Update your facebook status to include a link to my giveaway and/or to Boba's Shop
  • And, if you're a blogger, you can always link up a dessert to my link party every Thursday {Caroline, Becca, and Megan, I'm mostly talking to you :)}. It's just fun and gives you some exposure!
Alright, I'm done begging for blog favors. If you've read this far, I'm impressed and grateful :) Mom, if you've read this far, I'm doubly impressed.

And if you're all getting sick of hearing about Something Swanky, just make it until about January. It's going to be my second (third, if Chris counts) baby until then-- when hopefully I can make a change in the amount of time and effort I'm putting into it :)

Love you all!

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