Monday, October 17, 2011

Random Pics of October

I've been something of a sporadic photographer this month (if you couldn't tell by my blogging track record in the past few weeks...). But I finally uploaded the ones that I HAVE taken into Picasa, and I've got the whole modge-podge here for your viewing pleasure:

A sample of Cooper's awesome spray paint artwork.  That top one is of Emma :)   

Emma's learned how to kiss baby dolls and does it frequently. I took her into Nursery yesterday, and the first thing she did was pick up a baby doll to give it a kiss and feed it a bottle! A little nurturer in the making...

Excuse the towel head. Chris thought this was a cute picture-- Emma and I enjoying our breakfast smoothies together and a morning showing of Rio.

We're in the middle of transitioning Emma's room from a "baby's room" to a "little girl's room." It might be a while before it's all done, but I can at least show you the things we've done so far. It's supposed to be a "Sweets Shop" theme:

We painted the table bubble gum pink :)

I need to make a felt cake and cupcakes to go up there...

Emma and I played with a big bowl of grain one day... I don't really know why I did it. I guess we were just that bored.

Stylin' new outfit.

Complete with shoes!


Marie said...

Ok, Cooper is AMAZING! :) love the progress in Emma's room- it's adorable. And oh my goodness, she is just too cute! Love the new outfit, especially the shoes!

The Bowen Family said...

That art work is AWESOME!!! And I love that picture of you and miss Emma watching Rio and drinking your smoothies haha, so cute.

Dave and Jessica said...

Ashton...Emma is so dang cute! I hope you guys are doing well and loving your new home etc. Miss seeing you!