Friday, February 10, 2012

Sock Monkey Says a Prayer

Emma's really starting to hit her toddler-stride lately.

The chair thing.
Then the neck thing.

The jumping up and down on the dishwasher door.
Tantrums are beginning.

The only word she can use correctly is "NO!"

You get the picture.
We're there. Terrible Two's have begun.

Tonight we were trying to put her to bed. And of course, she's hiding in/behind/under her tent (thanks again for that, Mom and Dad)-- which actually kind of makes it hard to get to her (at least when you're working with an adult sized body).

We kept saying, "Emma, prayer time! Emma, prayer!"
Which is one of the few things we know she totally understands.
She knows that means it's time to kneel down, fold your arms, and say words.

But tonight she won't.
Which is just par for the course, these days.

After much coaxing, she eventually folds her arms, sitting where she is with her tent and her toys.

As always, Chris and I are both peeking at her all through prayer.
Towards the end, she looks at her sock monkey jack-in-the-box and furrows her brow.

And then---

she folds the sock monkey's arms.

In prayer.

I kid you not.

Chris and I almost couldn't even finish the prayer. We couldn't even decide whether to laugh or cry, it was so cute. Seriously cute. Cute, cute, cute. Cutest thing ever. EVER.

Terrible Two's aren't so bad, I guess.

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