Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day

Emma on Valentine's Day in 2011:

Emma on Valentine's Day in 2012:

(she's posing :)

{reading her valentine}

Instead of full-blown gifts this year, we just did a little candy for each one of us.
It was actually super nice to not worry about gifts. We might repeat next year :)

Funny story about breakfast: Since we weren't doing gifts, I wanted all of our meals to be "special occasion" type meals-- our very favorites. Turned out that we didn't get much time for breakfast, so I switched gears from our "favorite breakfast" to a "really-yummy-breakfast-in-a-pinch." And I LOVE these stuffed sweet croissants I did on my blog a while back.  

So I grabbed the dough, threw 'em together and put them in the oven. 
While I was filling them and while they were baking, I kept smelling something not quite right.

We've had sinus/cold problems here lately, so I just thought maybe the smell was in my nose.
(I know, that's weird. But that's what I thought!)

Anyway. I baked, frosted, and took that first amazing bite...
only to quickly realize the crescent roll dough was garlic crescent roll dough!!!

And I just thought, "this one's going on the blog..." :)

Fortunately, dinner and pie went way better....

We brought the comforter and our pillows out to couch, curled up with our massaman curry and apple pie, snuggled, and watched our new fave, White Collar. I know that I should feel sort of bad about just watching TV for our Valentine's Day date-- but honestly... it was pretty perfect.


Sarah said...

LOVE White Collar!!! :)

The Bowen Family said...

My mother-in-law keeps telling Tyler and I to watch White Collar haha! I guess we need to. And I can't believe how much Emma has changed. My goodness, she's cute!

Shanna said...

Austin and I watched Home Improvement in our pajamas. We are old people! haha Do you have a recipe that you like for Massaman?? Austin requests it all the time and I haven't been brave enough to make it!