Thursday, December 20, 2012

Emma's Preschool Christmas Concert

Ok. Yes. I know.

I'm a seriously horrible mom who only brought her phone to take pictures of her baby's very first school recital.

Uggghhhhh..... lesson learned I guess :(

She was SUPER cute though. The teachers had been worried about her all week, because, apparently, she hadn't been very cooperative during rehearsals. They even asked me to sit up front so I could come grab her should she become too disruptive.

But, as always, she totally exceeded our expectations and was one of the ONLY (ahem!) two years olds to preform most of the actions correctly and sing the songs! She was AWESOME!

We did have a good chuckle over the looks she gave us... you can see below the funny look she shot at us as she walked by our pew in the chapel. Like.. "omg, please don't embarrass me!" And she kept giving us that look even from the stand! LOL. We loved it :)

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