Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Partying in Washington DC

 We had an eventful weekend this last week. It was our 7th anniversary (can't believe it's already been that long),  and Ashton's birthday. We made our way up to Washington DC and got to spend a little bit of time at the temple. 

One of Emma's favorite songs to sing at night is "I Love to See the Temple." So we were really excited to take her up there. We built up going to the temple so much that when we pulled into the parking lot she said, "WOW!" We are trying to teach her that the temple should be her goal, so that was very rewarding. 

After the temple, we had to run to the Nationals games against the Mets. We were all ready to show our support for the home team. Lucky for us they didn't disappoint. Bryce Harper had a great game, hitting a home run with an RBI and another base hit. 

As you can tell, we had amazing seats. Thanks for that Mom! It was a great birthday present.

Look who we found at the game...
We got rained out in the 9th but still got a win. Even Emma had a great time.

The next day was our anniversary, and we went to (what ended up being) our three favorite places.

First off,  we got to see my little brother, Jacob, who is stationed in DC. He had passed his last test for the Honor Guard in the Air Force the day before we arrived. To celebrate we went to a place called GBD (short for Golden Brown and Delicious), and it was amazing. Ashton and I got fried chicken and waffles with a sampling of other doughnuts. We will defiantly be going back our next trip. 

Next up, we went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. This place was great. We got to see a dolphin show and a really cool jelly fish exhibit. 

Emma got to see the sharks. She was really scared of them at first, but by the end of the trip she loved them.
She showed her three year old colors and threw a fit when we told her we had to leave. Lucky for us we were on our way to get some amazing pie and used that to bribe her good behavior. 

This was a big one for us. Ashton and I have wanted to visit Dangerously Delicious Pies for about 4 years. It was nice getting to check this place off our list. It did not disappoint.  

Emma's (aka Dad's) strawberry pie...

 Pulled Pork Pie with slaw,

This is the main event right here. THE Baltimore Bomb Pie

Visiting the Lincoln memorial was one of my favorite things that we did. I really loved getting to see the monument dedicated to one of the most important men in the history of our country. I got a little emotional just seeing this place. 

This is our favorite kind of little girl: tired from a day full of fun activities. 

The next day was the most important day of the weekend... Ashton's birthday always starts off with doughnuts. Our favorite was the top left one: pistachio.
We have been watching a lot of West Wing lately,  and we wanted to live a day in the life of Sam, Toby, and Josh. However, being tourists, we spent a lot of time being lost. I spent more time looking down at this thing then a lot of the sites.

Here at the White House we felt like we were basically members of the West Wing. Just waiting for Pres. Bartlet to come and see us. 

National Archives. 

Next was another visit to Dangerously Delicious Pies, this time the DC location. It was good but not amazing like the Baltimore location.

Since it was still Ashton's day we spent a lot of time in Georgetown (clearly known for its shopping). Walking from store to store made Emma and I little more than tired. Ice cream at Serendipity made up for it. 

Needless to say we had a great time. 
Thanks for 7 amazing years Ash.
most importantly Happy Birthday babe

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