Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July 2013

Our 4th of July was very uneventful, and I wouldn't wanted it any other way this year. Emma and I were sick a lot last week, and the 4th was probably our worst day. We spent most of the day in PJ's in front of the TV together. But by 4 o' clock, I was feeling super guilty about being so unpatriotic!

Our good friends, the Colletts, are back in town for a bit. So we invited them over for pizza, root beer floats, pool time, and a mellow fireworks/sparklers display. We also attempted a "kids movie night" and a separate "grown ups movie night" in two different rooms. But the girls wouldn't stand for it, so we called it quits by 9:00pm, and we all crashed for the night about 2 seconds after our friends walked out the door.  So I'm thinking it was for the best that movie night didn't work out :)

(we all had a good laugh over Georgia's bloated diaper!)

The men setting up the fireworks...

The girls loved having a little fire in their hands...

Happy 4th from the Swanks!


Just Jaime said...

I haven't visited your actual blog in a while (read in feedly/Google Reader) and it's so cute! I love it!

Also, I love Emma's super expressive face and when she's hugging her little friend! Adorable!

Beck said...

That first one of Emma holding the sparkler is AWESOME! Haha!