Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trunk or Treat 2013

Halloween has already been so much fun this year! We decided to dress Emma as Cinderella, because her "regular" Cinderella dress had been worn to tatters, so we thought buying it as a Halloween costume would be a good opportunity to replace her beloved dress up clothes.

She has been very, very, very patient waiting for it to be Halloween so she can wear her new Cinderella dress. And believe me, waiting for it looked like no small feat!

As I dressed her tonight (even putting on a little make up), getting ready for the ward's Trunk or Treat, she would exclaim every so often, "Oh, Mom! I just love you!"

I had no intentions of dressing up or decorating our car until this morning, when the Halloween bug finally bit me and I decided that I wanted to dress up and create a Haunted Sweet Shop in our trunk! We spent allllllll day shopping, cutting out freezer paper, painting, tying ribbons, filling apothecary jars with candy, printing spooky labels, and even making chocolate bones.

I actually really love how my costume turned out (despite the fact it's off centered):

(I have a cupcake in my belly? And a Haunted Sweet Shop in my trunk. Get it?)

The car turned out awesome, but the kids came at me so quickly-- the whole thing was over in 10 minutes! I barely had time to set up, much less snap a decent picture. But just to give you an idea (seriously, there was a lot more to it than this!!!), here's a photo Elizabeth took before I set up and one of my black candy apples from prep during the day:

We had a lot of fun :) And I know Emma's looking forward to the next TWO times she gets to go Trick or Treating in the next two days!!

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