Sunday, March 22, 2009

ACC Ignoramus

 Sadly, Chris is a Carolina fan. And due to March Madness, he has been donning his Carolina apparel more than usual these past few days. I'm a Duke fan and last night was the first game I had watched all season (listen, I didn't say I was a GOOD Duke fan, just a fan...) Anyway, the Duke game was on TV last night while Chris and I were at Chilis. So we both crammed into one corner of our booth, necks craned, to watch the final 10 minutes from across the restaurant. We were both cheering for Duke- me from the depths of my heart, and Chris from the depths of his bracket... This waiter walks by and says "Who are you cheering for?" Chris, thinking that someone had caught him in his Carolina gear cheering for Duke, shame-faced, pointed at me, and I cheerfully told him "Duke!" And he looked at Chris and said, "Oh, ok, that explains your shirt!" 


Who says that? Who in their right mind thinks that it's acceptable for somebody wearing a UNC shirt to cheer for Duke?? Or the other way around? CLEARLY, it's not. Not even close. Not even for a bracket. Not even for your mother dying of cancer whose one wish is that you, a Duke fan, cheer for Carolina for just one game. Not even then. 

Clearly this man was out of his mind.