Friday, May 8, 2009

April Showers bring May Flowers...

Thank goodness we are finally getting into spring here in Utah!! Chris and I were driving around this morning, apartment hunting, and I couldn't hardly focus on anything other than how happy I was that it was SUCH a beautiful morning! I can't even tell you. It's like this wet blanket has been draped over me all winter long- it's just been so...GRAY and dreary for sooooo many months. To be able to turn your face up to the sun and just know that there aren't any looming clouds nearby to ruin the glorious feeling of spring time- it's amazing! 

And BYU is so beautiful in the spring and summer! And no matter what complaint you can make against BYU, surely nobody can deny what a beautiful campus it is. As we were driving through it this morning, I told Chris, 'if I had to pick a place that felt like home to me here in Utah, it would be right here driving smack dab through the heart of campus.'  It really does just give me this "welcome home" feeling. I made my best friends at school, had my first kiss, took my first bus ride, cried on the shoulder of a stranger-turned-life-long-friend, and learned how to bake brownies from scratch. What is not to love about the memories that a springtime at BYU can bring back :)

Happy Spring Happy Valley!!!

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Jamie said...

Amen, sunshine! This has been the LONGEST winter in my memory...Montana has been even worse than Utah...good riddance!