Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blog Overload

I've been a super lazy blogger lately! So consider this my catch up post. Here are all the things we've been doing that I haven't blogged about:

As belated Valentine's day gifts, Chris and I both upgraded our phones and became OFFICIAL verizon customers. This means a few very important things:

(1) If you are not on the verizon network, you're using up our minutes! (we didn't opt for the pricier plan that includes free friends and family...) It's ok though :) We'll still accept your calls any time- day or night, rain or shine!!
(2) We can text you allllllllllllllllllll we want to without any overages! Unlimited!
(3) I now have a lot more access to facebook and gmail during my day-- a positive.
(4) We've got decent camera's on these phones, and it's pretty easy to transfer pics from the phone to the computer, which I'm really excited about. Most of these pics are actually taken on my phone!

Anyway, the phones look like this:

Next up-- Caleb is in Utah! He lived with us for a full 10 days before he settled into the lovely Lodges at Glenwood :) We worked out a few of the important RM kinks while he stayed with us (ie, the puka shell necklace from the 10th grade-- you know the one I'm talking about! Also shown below), and a few of them didn't change (like eating every single meal out of the same mug so as not to dirty any other dishes...). Anyway, it's a lot of fun having him here!!

Chris, Caleb, and I went to the very disappointing New Mexico vs. BYU game. No need to talk about that any more than we have to- but here's a pic:

I made really yummy bread. Finally. I've been trying to make great homemade bread since last labor day when we bought our bread machine, but it's always too dry! So finally I tried a batter bread recipe in a cookbook I've had forever, and it turned out perfectly! (I also finally succeeded in making an awesome batch of biscuits, but I forgot to take a picture)

A few days after Caleb flew out here, my Dad and Coop left NC for a cross country road trip to bring Caleb his car-- such nice guys :) They stayed here for a few days. Even though Chris and I had to work most of the days they were here, we still fit in a lot of fun! Dad stocked our fridge (he didn't skimp on the ice cream, but that's all I'll say there...) and pantry, took Cooper and Caleb to a Jazz concert at BYU, and all the guys got to go snowboarding! They all came back super wind/sun burnt and sore, but I think they were still pretty happy.

(can you tell which one is Caleb and which is Coop?)

Last, and probably least, I took a side shot of my pregnant belly- which everyone keeps saying doesn't even look like a pregnant belly. BUT, I have to be honest and admit that this was a rare occurrence and just happens to be a slimming shot. I couldn't bring myself to take another picture at a more unflattering angle. So this will just have to do for now. But trust me, the belly is bulging. Emma is definitely making her first appearance in the world. (24 weeks)

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