Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Showers

I flew back to NC for a long weekend at home and two showers! A baby shower for me and a bridal shower for my cousin, Marie. I still don't have my hands on the pictures that my mom took, but in an effort to blog this in a timely manner, I'm posting pictures I've stolen from Addy, Sarah, and Meredith off of facebook. Thanks, guys.

Baby Shower:

Chelsea, playing the "smell the diaper" game.

Mom... we're not really sure what's happening here. But she looks happy, so I guess it doesn't really matter :)

My awesome diaper cake. Mom made it.

One of the "aunt" onsies that I got. Addy loved it, of course. Tammy, Tonja, April, and Kystal sent one too-- super cute!

Piles and piles and piles of clothes...

Chelsea, me, and Sarah

Bridal Shower:

Dixie, Marie's mom.

Marie, saying "don't post this on facebook..."

Meredith, Marie, and me at the Shower.


The Swanks said...

Tell Tonja, Krystal, and April, that I am THE favorite aunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha :)...... seriously.

Addison said...

Woops, the message above is from me.

The Swanks said...

yeah, that's weird. how did you get logged in under my name?