Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thanks for a great year, 2010. We'll miss you!

The only tradition Chris and I have established at all is on New Year's Eve. We make homemade cinnamon rolls every New Year's Eve. And every year we say we're not going to stay up until midnight (neither of us has ever really cared if we're awake to ring in the new year or not), but every year the cinnamon roll process takes so long that we're usually not biting into them until about 11:45pm. Still, I love it. Here's us this year:

While we were rolling and cutting, we were talking about our favorite happenings in 2010. Chris asked me what my favorite part of the year has been. And I'd have to say anytime in the last 3 months-ish. Not that I didn't love Emma being born, but, you know, labor and such was not so fun. And then learning to be a brand new mom had it's growing pains (both figuratively and literally). It's just nice to finally be settling down a little bit. I kind of have a grasp on what I'm doing as a mom (for the moment anyway), Emma's finally sturdy enough I don't feel like we're going to break her, and I feel like I've got my own body back again! So I'd have to say my favorite part of 2010 has been just now. I like it :)

Chris said that his favorite part of 2010 was when Emma was in the photo-therapy bed. ...? Yeah, that kind of threw me at first too, but he justified it. He says it's the last time he remembers feeling peace and quiet this year. And I guess I can get that. He only took a week off of work after we had her, and after that it was just a downhill roller coaster of school, callings, work, and taking care of a baby who is rapidly approaching toddler-hood. So I could see how those moments of us just watching her in that bed would seem warm and peaceful in his memory (I was still sitting on a donut... not such a peaceful time for ME).

Anyway. We're glad we're here. We're really looking forward to 2011 and all that may come with it! I'll keep you posted. Happy New Year!

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