Thursday, May 12, 2011

It great to be {almost} 1

I'm a little backlogged on posting the Emma pictures, sorry!

Let's take a look at Emma's days, a walk in her pink-and-glitter-velcro-on shoes, if you will.

She starts with breakfast, usually a smoothie (packed with vitamins, fluoride, whole milk, whole milk yogurt, frozen fruit, and cereal) and cheerios.

She likes to stow her smoothie in the back corner of her high chair while she eats her cheerios:

And when she's ready for the smoothie, she just dives right in {no hands!}:

After naps, she likes to help us pack. Especially when said packing involves a gigantic pile of old DVD boxes and N*SYNC CDs:

After dinner and a hot bath, she likes to curl up with her giraffe and mom's super nintendo inside the bookshelf:

Then off to bed for the night and repeat the next day.

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