Thursday, June 16, 2011

kids today

I felt old and stupid today. Kind of for the first time. I found this blog, Crumbs and Cookies. Cute name, catchy. Amazing photography. Ultra impressive recipe history. Simple yet impressive (sorry to have to use that word twice in a row, but none other will do) blog design. Great blogging-journalism-- you know what I mean.. she speaks well, she doesn't sound too casual or too formal. She doesn't sound cheesy or corny or stuck up. It's a great, great blog. And the blogger is 15 years old.

I spent most of my free time chatting on AIM when I was 15. My photography was embarrassing (not that I even took pictures of anything worth taking a picture of). And the most refined my palate had experienced was the caviar buried underneath cream cheese on a cracker that we were forced to try in my 7th grade AG class.

Have you ever heard of blog envy? A normal blogger feels blog envy when she sees a better blog design with more impressive looking graphics, more followers or facebook fans on another blog, or when she sees an overwhelming amount of comments on somebody else's yarn wreath tutorial. I've had blogger envy. But nothing like this. Now it's like old-person blogger envy. Like there's a younger, better generation of bloggers out there.

At least she has my blog button on her page. That's kind of cool.

But still. Ugh.

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