Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Proofing: not for the faint of heart.

When we moved in, we took care to baby proof all the areas of the apartment in which we spent the most time as a family-- the kitchen, the bedrooms, the living room, the stairs on the porch... For some reason or another, we didn't do much in the bathroom. I guess we just figured, 'oh, we'll just keep the door closed when someone's not using it.'

Problem: Emma can't stand to be in a room alone. Ever. Which means when I'm doing my hair or putting on my makeup or cleaning the bathroom, she's right there with me. Now, she doesn't have to be right on my heels, just in the same room. Which means she's perfectly content to sit a couple of feet away and pull everything out of the cupboards (including copious amounts of individual Q-tips) and strew them about.

Solution: I baby proofed the bathroom while Chris was at work.

Complication #1: I put the screw driver through my thumb.

Complication #2: I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

So take heed baby proofers: let husbands handle the tools (unless you're handier than I-- not really an impressive feat) and proof everything before baby acclimates to enjoying the freedom of a non-proofed area!!

Chris was so sad when I texted him this picture (sorry for the hideous quality photo, my camera is with the Geek Squad), he asked me to remove the cupboard locks and just let her play in them. Ha!

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