Thursday, May 31, 2012

Emma's Birthday Party

I cannot believe our baby girl is almost TWO!!! We had a birthday party a little early so that she could celebrate with all of her friends. The party theme was Cookies & Milk Mustaches-- and boy, were all those little mustached faces so cute!!

I was so busy trying to get things together the night before, that I forgot to take pictures of inside the goody bags. And there's a little gem in there that I'm just dying to show you. Fortunately, I'm friends with bloggers, and Caitlin already had her fabulous creations up on her blog!

How stinkin' cute are these cookies???

(Thanks Caitlin!)

How many grown ups does it take to light a birthday cookie?

Double fisting the cookies...

Snuggles from her favorite human being on the planet...

An unexpected birthday treat-- getting to hold the sweetest, chubbiest, rosiest cheeked little baby:
 (she's completely smitten)

And here are all of our little munchkin mustache faces:

Thanks to everyone who helped me prep, bake, set up, photograph, and PARTY!!
We had a blast :)


Mackenzie said...

Love Love Love it! Loved the party. Love Emma. Love you. Love your camera. I don't feel like such a bad photographer when I use yours :) It was so much fun! Thanks for having us!

Luanne said...

Found your these b-day pictures! Hope you are doing well! :)

Marie said...

It all look amazing! (As always) :) Happy late birthday to Emma!!! Sorry I missed the birthday wishes on the day of.. I spent almost all of Saturday at a friend's wedding.