Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reason #Gazillion: Why I Love Using Mason Jars as Drinking Glasses

When we got married, we registered for these super cute Iced Tea glasses.

And less than two years later, every last one of them were broken. And not just because we're both super clumsy. The tiniest jolt shattered them. It was so irritating.

And, being the poor college student couple that we were (are), we couldn't afford to buy new glasses. But I found 12 mason jars at a yard sale-- .25 cents for the whole box! So I snatched them up and we've been using them as drinking glasses ever since. They're CHEAP (pennies at any DI, Goodwill, or yardsale) adorable, durable, and versatile.

Mason jars are AWESOME. And this is just one more reason why I love using them: You can screw the bottom part of your blender onto the jar! Which makes it easier to make individual smoothies multiple times a day (which we do)! 

{That, by the way, is one parenting tip I feel qualified to offer: if you have a picky-eater-baby, chances are they'll still like smoothies. And you can sneak just about anything into a smoothie as long as it's got a frozen banana in it-- spinach, milk, multi-vitamin, and all sorts of fruit/veggies! Emma has at least 3 smoothies every day :) It's the only way to get her to eat a full meal's worth of anything!}

The point is: buy some Mason jars. You'll be glad you did :)

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Shanna said...

This is absolutely genius. I have a trillion mason jars and I am going to try this!!