Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Birthday... um, everyone?

I really like to make sure to post birthday wishes to our family members on the blog. We can't really afford to give gifts. We're not super near by to make a cake. And I pretty much always get cards in the mail really, really late. So the blog birthday shout out is really my best thing. Er.. it was.

March and April are pretty birthday-heavy months in both my and Chris's families. It's only natural that one or two will occasionally slip through the cracks.

Unfortunately, 5 of them slipped through the cracks this year. 
Including Casey's in December. Yikes!

At least you all know you're in good company :)

I know it's not as special as having your own blog post, but this will have to do for this year...

(Casey, Grandma B, Grandpa J, Addy Bre, Nana, Papa)

Ironically... I totally remembered Cooper's Birthday post this year :)

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