Friday, July 31, 2009

We've been married THREE years and I turned 23!

In honor of our third year of marriage, we did this all day on our anniversary:

But we did take a minute to tell each other what we love about being married for three years:

Chris said, "I like knowing what you want me to do now. Now I know that you like me to make the bed. And now I know that you don't like me to help you unpack the kitchen."
And I said, "My favorite part is that we have sweeter moments now- like when you kiss me on the forehead as I pass out in bed."

Happy Birthday, marriage!

I also celebrated my 23rd birthday the day after our anniversary. Again, we were pretty busy with moving-related stuff all day, but we made time to go here... this...

..and watch this...

AND, my parents got me these:


So overall, it was a pretty sweet week :)


Whit said...

Is that a picture of your new house??

Swanks said...

yeah right! lol, no that's from the catalog. She got us the table and chairs :)

Jamie said...

Aw, happy birthday, cutie. I'm glad you had a fun celebration (and awesome gifts) and that Keaton is there with you now...SO FUN! :)