Monday, August 6, 2012

Better Homes and Gardens: My New Blog BFF

I've recently established a relationship of sorts with Better Homes and Gardens, which is super exciting to me. No, I'm not writing for the magazine. Or for their blog. Or really anything.

But I am pinning for them, which I consider to be something of a small milestone in my blogging career. If you'd like to see (and follow!!) the BHG pin board that I contribute to, you can check it out here.

Another fun thing to check out-- their tumblr post about Something Swanky!

Ok, ok, I'm done. Thanks for letting me brag on Something Swanky for a sec. I know you're really here to see pictures of Emma, so I appreciate you being willing to read a post that's not about her ;)


Just Jaime said...

CONGRATS! That is awesome!

Cami Claire said...

Way to go Ashton! That is awesome! You inspire all us bloggers!

Mackenzie said...

WHAT?!?! AND a blogging conference. You're officially famous. Wow! So cool!