Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Late Birthday, Keaton!

Happy Birthday Keat!! Normally I like to decorate the birthday pictures with balloons and hats, but I thought this one was too pretty to add stickers :) So this post will just serve a dual purpose: birthday post, and a late engagement congratulations!! Just a week and a half away from another sister-in-law!

On Keaton's birthday, we tried to catch Emma on video saying "Happy Birthday." We recorded something that sounded pretty close, but the real kodak moment happened after the camera stopped rolling... of course.

The moment I turned the recorder off, she huffed a big sigh and said, "Ok, I try again... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEATON!" And then she turned to Chris and said, "Try it, Daddy."

It was probably the cutest sentence ever spoken by anyone, anywhere, at any age.

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