Friday, November 30, 2012

This is why you go to Wendy's

A friend and I decided to take our two girls to Wendy's for a chicken nugget lunch.  While we were taking turns with ordering and sitting with the girls, I overheard a group of girls nearby talking about facebook. Right away I could tell this wasn't an ordinary Facebook conversation.

They were talking about "fans" and "reach" and other bloggy terms. These girls were bloggers!

After a quick study of their faces, I realized that I recognized one of them! We had emailed back and forth on occasion, and I followed her on Instagram. In fact, I had just been reading through my instagram feed and saw a couple of posts from her saying that she was on her way to a conference in VA. What are the odds?? The group took a lunch break at my Wendy's!

I introduced myself and we snapped a quick pic. What fun!

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