Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Sunshine State

So guess what! I figured out how to post pictures! And this is the view from our hotel of the beautiful and exotic Marco Island. Ok, so actually I'm lying. Chris and I are still stuck at the airport (for another 2 hours-if the plane is on time) waiting for my parents to fly in so we can all go the the resort together. So really I haven't even stepped foot outside of the airport  and I have no idea what it looks like outside right now. Although, I have to admit, I am really hoping that Florida holds something a little better to offer me on this trip besides the nauseating salmon and teal colored buildings I remember from the Florida trips of my childhood. On one of our trips (to disney world maybe?) we were stuck in traffic in the back of a disgusting taxi cab with NO ac forEVER in the FL humidity. Ever since then, I've associated this great state with the need to puke. :) Well, hopefully I'll more exciting updates in the next couple of days and some fun pictures!!!!

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Addy said...

that is beautiful!