Saturday, July 19, 2008

Awake and really not wanting to be...

So it's about 4:00am and I'm out here on our living room couch posting  a blog. Pretty sweet right? Every night I wake up about this time, and  I am completely unable to breathe through my nose- allergies and all that jazz. Most nights I just get through it and fall back asleep. Tonight it's pretty bad though, and I might kill Chris if he tries to cuddle up to me one more time and I can't breathe, so I thought it would be best for everyone if I just got out of bed and tried to work through this on my own. 

Which brings me here...blogging in the middle of the night...  And I'm blowing my nose like a freaking machine gun! How is Chris not waking up??

So on to other things... My dad's company is footing some of the bill for Chris and I to tag along with my parents on a vacation this summer to Marco Island! (...if I knew how to work blogs I'd put a picture of Marco Island right here... note to self: schedule another blogging tutorial with Shanna) We are so stoked! We're leaving at 6am on Tuesday and meeting my parents and one of my brothers in Fort Myers, FL. It is going to be some desperately needed time off for both me and Chris. Hopefully it will be 4 days of lounging on the beach, eating good food, and catching up on some of the new releases at night. It's  a little funny that my family likes to go see movies while we're on vacation- I mean, we can do that at home! But we wait until we're on some awesome vacation and THEN we go to the movie theater. Not that I mind- I just think it's funny. Anyway, we can't wait, and I am so grateful to my parents for letting us come along! Chris and I are both crazy workaholics right now, and if my parents had not scheduled this vacation, I can guarantee you that Chris and I would not take one this year at all. 

But... I think our work situation is another blog for another day. My allergies are finally starting to give way (after about 10 shots of nose spray- the good stuff, you know, the kind you get addicted to?) and I've got to get up for work tomorrow. So I'm heading back to bed and you will hear from me again tomorrow! 

....who am I kidding? I'm pretty sure Shanna is the only one who reads this blog. :)
(I love you Shanna!)


Shanna said...

I do read your blog!! And I'm PROUD to be the only one who does! =)

Addy said...

i have allergies too. i wish we didnt have 2 go 2 school 2morrow. but hey, guess thats better than work!