Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I vow I will go to every game!

So my little brother, who is a high school senior this year, is the football hero in our family. First of all, he's just the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, second of all- he's HUGE. Like a freakin' freight train! Unfortunately, I've never actually seen a single one of his high school football games (but I will be home for the Wakefield vs Wake Forest game this year!!!!), but our whole family has really rallied to support him in his sport. And we're talkin' siblings, grandparents, Aunts, Unlces, ward members- the whole shebang! And they are all SO INTO IT. Like this, for example- let me just post a little snippet of an email my 11 year old sister sent me:

i cant belive it... we lost. keaton hyperextended his knee in the first quarter by steppin in a hole so he couldnt play basically the whole game. that and the stiches on his toe. todays friday and the game was last night. i didnt want to go cuz the games arent the same unless they are on fridays. i didnt go. i wish i did. man, i cried when i found out. so much for undefeatable. but dad said that it would make them stronger to want to win. i really hope we dont lose any more and i vow i will go to every game. i luv u!

That's how hardcore my family is about our high school football team. Just look at that! "I vow I will go to every game." Not that there is anything wrong with it, don't get me wrong- it's adorable. I just can't believe how INTO it she is. I mean, this is an 11 year old girl for crying out loud!! I don't think this is a typical interest for that age group- at least not to this degree! I mean, she CRIED because they lost! Anyway, it's just incredible to me how supportive everyone has been about Keat's football experience. It's awesome. And we're rooting for him out here in Utah!! And next month, we'll FINALLY be there in person!!!!!!


Addy said...

OMG thats my email! i didnt know that u were going to make it 2 the Wakefield vs. WFR game! Heck, you're going to see one insane 11 year old girl...... trust me.

chadandash said...

Hey!! So I found your blog somehow. Hope you dont mind..I wanted to see what you guys have been up to. Call us next time you're down here!!