Saturday, October 11, 2008


So our flight for NC left this morning at 10:00am. We were on the flight, but it turned out to be no easy feat. My brother-in-law spent the night with us last night and had to be at work (conveniently at the airport) at 7:00am. I hadn't planned on being at the airport until an hour later, so I did a little bit of griping that we had to wake up and be out the door an hour earlier than I had planned. Just a couple of exits outside of Orem, our passenger side rear tire blew out! We spun around out of control on I-15 going approximately 70 miles per hour with a massive semi-truck coming up behind us. This has happened to me one other time before in my life, but this time I wasn't at the wheel. And thank goodness. Chris did such a good job, he controlled the car well enough to keep us from hitting the median wall and managed to get us out of harm's way. Luckily, we were pretty close to a gas station right off the exit, where Chris and his brother changed the tire and managed to get us back to our apartment and switch us into my car. We made it to the airport in plenty of time- a little shaken up, but greatly comforted to know that my husband was able to take such good care of us in such a scary situation.

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Addi said...

well then, you chose a good husband then, huh? cant wait for the fair!