Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I don't want to clean... So I am going to blog :)

So.... I am completely incapable of cooking with out making my kitchen look like an absolute disaster. Seriously. It looks like the olive garden exploded in my kitchen, and all I did was make a 9x13 pan of baked ziti. And I really really really really don't want to clean this all up.. So maybe if I keep putting it off, Chris will get home and I'll say, "oh man, I am so tired, but I really need to get this apartment clean." And then I'll sigh and pick myself up off the couch, drag myself into the kitchen, and give the dishes a look like I'm going to cry. And then he'll say, "oh, baby, you just rest. You need a break- I'll take care of the kitchen.." And I'll say, "Are you sure, I mean you've been working all day too. It's ok, just let me do it." Then he'll push me back over to the couch, where I will reluctantly sit back down, pick up the remote, and turn on the Bachelor! Life's so tough with an adoring husband... :)

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Miss Ashley said...

i watch the bachelor. we should watch it together next week. please?