Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm really horrible at naming my blog posts...

Sorry! So many of my friends have the cutest little titles for their blog posts, but the truth is... I really suck at it! Really, I just wanted to take a spare second I found in my day and post a little update!

Chris is all registered for classes at BYU for the fall, and we're super excited about that. He changed is major (already) to Nutritional Sciences instead of Biology. The good: He really likes to study nutrition, and 4 of his major classes are nutritional science. Also he doesn't have to take anatomy!! The bad: 4 of his major classes are physics!! ouch! The ugly: Chris will be finding time to attend TWO schools this upcoming year. He'll be taking the bare minimum of 12 credit hours at BYU as well as attending night classes at MATC to become a Pharmacy Tech. Soooo, we'll see how that goes!

My everyday still pretty much consists of renting cars to the pleasant people of Orem, UT. One experience I especially enjoyed happened just the other day. A man walked in and said, "You're supposed to have a car here for me. Where is it?" Do you have a reservation, sir? "'Course I do! I just talked to you on the phone!" Hm, I don't recall that sir. What is your name? "Nelson! Lady, I just talked to you on the phone!" Okay, sir. I just found your reservation and it's at our North Orem location. This is South Orem. Would you like me to give you their address? "Well, Lady... why don't you just stick it up your rear!! How d'ya like that??" And then he walked out. Of course, I didn't chase him into the parking lot to tell him I could have easily helped him (we had cars to spare)... I just wasn't in the mood to stick anything "up my rear." 

I'm also planning to sign up for courses 2 and 3 of the Wilton Cake decorating classes one of these days, if I ever remember to do it!  And that's about it for me... rent cars, recover from renting cars, rent cars, recover from renting cars... same crap, different days. Love it. :)


Kaylene said...

Seriously, why do people have to be like that? I think the thing I hate most about customer service is having to put up with people blaming you for everything, including their own mistakes.

Miss Ashley said...

I just really liked this post. A lot.