Friday, May 14, 2010

A little insomnia.

I've been reading a lot about pregnancy insomnia lately, and I'd think, "wow, that sucks. good thing I'm too exhausted every day to deal with that! we can just cross that off my list of symptoms right now!" right. Well, it just hit. I woke up about 2 hours ago, and thought "oh, I'm so glad it's 1:00am and I still have 5 whole hours to sleep! And then it was 2:00am, and then it was 2:30, and then I just gave up and came down here to blog. It's just that there are about a million things to think about right now, and once I start it's really hard to stop. Here are a few:

1. Painting. Everything. :) Our landlord gave us permission to do a little painting in the baby's room since we're going to be here so much longer, so I'm dying to do that. And then I'm dying to go out and find some old, dingy, awesome furniture and paint it pistachio green for the baby's room. I'm imagining some kind of night stand first. I'll paint it green and then add adorable knobs, like this:

2. Cupcakes. I totally spaced making birthday cupcakes for a friend yesterday and they have to be done by the time I'm off work today, so I keep stressing myself about remembering to do them before I go to work today! I know, I'm crazy. I'll get it done, though.

3. Money. Always thinking about money, impossible not to. I keep budgeting and re-budgeting and reorganizing our savings plan in my head. And trying to calculate how many hours we need to work in the fall to cover our bases and how much we need to save over the summer to make it work in the fall. Just over and over, the same calculations, trying to magically calculate more money!

4. Diaper bag. I don't have one yet, and I'm dying. I'm just going to straight up admit it, I want a good diaper bag. There's something about a bag-- any kind of beautiful bag-- I just can't resist, and I need it to be gorgeous. I know how that sounds, and I understand that the bag will most likely be exposed to baby poop, throw up, and all sorts of nasty surfaces in public places. However, I need a gorgeous diaper bag, think what you will of me, I just do. I'm most strongly considering this one:

5. Hunger. And how I feel like I'm going to die if I don't eat a 3 course meal in the next 5 minutes. And how I'm pretty sure I shouldn't feel like that. And how on earth I'm going to get my weight down after I have this baby! I went to the doctor two days ago, we had a conversation that went kind like this:

Me: I have kind of a stupid question, it's about my appetite--
DR: oh, has it really decreased? I know that happens a lot in your third trimester, just try and eat when you can, I know that can be tough...
Me: no..... actually, I'm starving all the time and I can't get enough food and I was just wondering if that was normal. but I guess not...
DR: oh. um, yeah, that's weird. Just try and eat more protein-- a handful of almonds, eggs...
Me: yeah, sure... I'll try that.

yeah... how many handfuls of almonds do you think she meant? Do almond M&M's count?

I just realized that I should probably mention since my last post about indigestion, heartburn, etc. -- an amazing friend of mine hooked me up with a miracle drug called Kapidex. Pretty much it's amazing. She's amazing. And now I'm hungry all the time. If it ain't one thing it's another :) But I'm much happier about life on Kapidex, so I'm gonna stick with that. Thank goodness for friends who have access to pills.

Alright, I'm going to go give sleep another try. Please don't come to rent a car from me tomorrow. I will most definitely be very grumpy from my newly acquired pregnancy insomnia.


Kaylene said...

Love petunia pickle bottom! If I could, I would own 5. And my appetite went through the roof the last few months as well. And unfortunately I paid dearly for it in the form of many, many excess pounds. But the good news is, it comes off pretty easily with your first baby. You may have to work a little, but it can come off. I promise. I've done it twice. :)

Whit said...

Oh man, you make me laugh so hard! Devon and I are going to try to make bo berry buscuits soon. Any pointers you have from your own experience would be great!! :)