Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Giving up Facebook

After 6 fun filled years of online social networking, snooping, and stalking, I would like to announce my official resignation from Facebook. I am going to become a full time blogger.

I have a few good reasons for leaving, but none of them are interesting enough to blog about except for one: it's a good opportunity for me to support my husband in small way that I know he'll appreciate. He left facebook a while ago because he felt it like was eating up too much of his time (not that there was much free time between being a full-time student and a full-time employee) and that he'd rather spend his free time doing things that were more worthwhile to him. And I know how that sounds, trust me. I've been a loyal facebooker battling the validity of that argument for a long time. But I've been so impressed with Chris, that he's really managed to stay away from facebook (even though he was hooked on it as much as the next guy) and fill his time with other things, that I feel like it's unsupportive of me to stay. So I'm joining my husband out in the real world again-- a world sans facebook. Wish me luck! And comment on my blog so I don't feel totally disconnected from my online social networking world!

Also, I really need to figure out an easy way to get my pics from facebook onto CD. Are there any places around here that you can just upload from facebook and send your pics to the store?

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