Thursday, July 22, 2010

birthday present from baltimore

You may remember my Baltimore Bomb Pie post from a while back. Anyway, it was all about this pie that you make with Berger Cookies which you can only buy from this bakery in Baltimore-- which I was dying to try, because we saw it on food network.

They look like this:
However, mine showed up looking like this:

In defense of the cookie, there is a disclaimer on the website:
*NOTE* Due to the warmer temperatures Berger Cookies cannot be responsible for the condition of the cookies upon delivery.

Not that I even care though! What a fun birthday present!! I couldn't believe Chris remembered how much I wanted to try them!! I think I'll try and make the pie since they're all melted together anyway :) Come on by if you want to try some almost authentic Baltimore Bomb Pie!!

Thanks for the recommend, Duff!!

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