Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Positively Positive

Last night, our family home evening lesson was based on Gordon B. Hinckley's 6th "be" which is to "be positive." Tonight, as I was mopping my kitchen floor by hand, I tried to think of all the positive things that happened to me today... because it was definitely one of those days.

1. Since I spilled all sorts of things on the floor today, I had to mop it. So now I have a really clean kitchen floor.

2. Chris had an interview at Target today!

3. At an impromptu doctor's visit for Emma, I found out that she weighs 12 lbs. now-- which is always fun to know.

4. The dermatologist finally gave me a confident diagnosis and is testing me for allergies-- not fun, but definitely a positive.

5. I didn't get charged a co-pay for either appointment today. A big bill coming in the mail? Probably. But it was sure a blessing that we didn't have to pay up today.

6. Our newer TV broke and we're 4 days past the 90 day return date. BUT a super nice lady at Target bent the rules for me and let me return it (sans remote control) without a receipt!

7. Emma doesn't get too upset when I spray saline solution up her nose.

8. I messed up dinner, so Chris picked up Pitas on his way home from school-- a mid week dinner date!

9. The bed got made and the dishes got done.

10. Caleb and Chris gave Emma a blessing. I'm so glad Caleb lives nearby and is able to do that for us.

So, there. My 10 good things that happened to me today. Happy Tuesday!

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