Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday Faces

Emma and I are back home and we had a great weekend back with Chris before school starts! Sunday was my favorite day. It was busy, busy, busy, but in a good kind of way. Like the way I imagine Heaven will be. You know how they say you "enter into thy rest" or something like that.. maybe it's "unto." Anyway, they say your "rest" in Heaven isn't really the kind of rest we have here on earth. We'll be working, but the work we do in Heaven will feel like rest-- I guess because we'll love serving people so much, which is the kind of work we'll do. So that's kind of how my Sunday feels. We're busy, but it's enjoyable because everything we do is service, or family oriented, or centered around the gospel in some way. And in it's own way, it is restful and extremely enjoyable.

Here's a pic of our Sunday happy faces :)


The Secors said...

cute! Emma is getting so big already!! I need to see her!

just addy said...

Oh my gosh that is so cute! I love you guys!!!! (: