Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a shoe fettish

Emma's recently been through a growth spurt or two... or ten. The point is that she's quickly outgrowing clothes! For a long time only the tiniest of the clothes that we had would fit her and we've been lamenting all of the cute outfits that have just been swallowing her. But within just two weeks or so, I swear she's grown 2 sizes! So I'm frantically going through the "too big drawer" and trying to get her into a new outfit everyday so that she can wear them all at least once before they're too small. We tried on her purple Vans (that we've been impatiently waiting to fit her) a couple of days ago, and to our dismay-- they're almost too small!! But they really are super cute, and inspired me to dress her in some of her other "too big" shoes, like these adorable pink ones. I'm embarrassed to admit that I can't remember who gave them to us, but I love them. So cute.

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