Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treating

We started out our Halloween with a cook out. Well... It was supposed to be a cookout. It rained. So we boiled the hot dogs instead of grilling them and watched Nightmare before Christmas. The point was to have our friends over who have little babies and small children, you know, who wouldn't really be trick or treating yet-- so they could still get dressed up. I'm afraid all I did was coop everyone up in a small apartment with no activities planned, because the activity was supposed to be playing on the swing set! S'ok. We still got some pretty good pictures.

Stating the obvious: Emma was a hot dog, and we were her condiments-- Ketchup and Mustard.

The Udall's were Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Davey was a duck!

The Van Pattens were the characters from Alice in Wonderland!

The Thomases-- Keaton was a driver from Cars, you'll see later.

We tried to organize a 'babies only' photo:

...there were some complications...

Ah, there we go.

(Davey, Emma, Asher)

After the party, we went to the mall for some indoor trick-or-treating.

We didn't really do a lot of the trick-or-treating ourselves. We mainly just followed around the pros...

Although, we did get a picture with the Nordstrom Chicken!

Keaton giving Emma a kiss... not her first, however. He got his lips on her a few days ago!

As any good trick-or-treater is, Emma was completely pooped at the end of her night.

She's going...


(you might think she looks more awake here, but these are actually her "crazy sleepy eyes")


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