Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kipper looks good in FELT

Emma LOVES Kipper the dog. {funny how you can have preferences for cartoon characters when you're 6 months old} But you can't find Kipper merchandise anywhere. The only thing out there (besides DVDs and books) are a few dolls on Ebay-- and they're all at least 50.00 and don't look to be in very good condition. So I decided to make something Kipper for Emma for Christmas. It's a felt board! Look and see...

Kipper Goes to the Fair:

Kipper Can't Sleep:

Kipper Does Magic:

And my personal favorite, Kipper is Unwell:

And the really fun thing about this gift is that I can keep creating new scenes. I'm still hoping to get a couple more done today before I have to pack it up-- like the Conker Tree and Kipper's Snowy Day. Cute, huh? I know Emma won't think it's nearly as cool as I think it is... but hey, her first Christmas is really more for us adults anyway, right?

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