Friday, December 17, 2010

A P2 Tradition

Last night we had our 6th annual P2 Christmas Party.

{P2 Trivia Fun Fact: While the traditional Christmas get-together didn't actually originate during P2, it is still referred to as a P2 function (confused? see THIS post).}

Over the years, our Christmas Party group has undergone a few changes, but this is what the very first P2 Christmas Party (referred to as the "Bowen Christmas Party" at the time) looked like:

Shanna would officially join our little group (the process was fairly rigorous, so it took a few months) not long after the first Christmas party. She made the cut in time for our next photo shoot as a group, Lyndsi's 2005 birthday party-- more affectionately known as "the night of the unfortunate picture." Now, I've lost track of the actual picture of all of us. BUT, I did come across a few other pics from that night, and I think they'll do just as well:

So the point that I'm getting to {surely I've got one, right?} is...
...Look how we've grown up! Presenting, P2 Christmas Party 2010:

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Miss Ashley said...

Thank you! And might I say, what a wonderful summary of the "P2 Christmas." Love you and all our good times.