Thursday, January 13, 2011

10 Things

I've always thought the phrase "No Regrets" is stupid. Really. Super stupid. Because what if you do something wrong? You probably should regret that thing you did, right? I think about things I regret all the time. Things I did, things I didn't do. A lot of my daydreams are simply me re-doing something that I did that I didn't like. With me? So I got to thinking, if I could make an actual list, point by point, what are my top ten regrets? Nothing major, I mean. I'm not posting some kind of confessional on here or anything. Just if I could go back and re-do 10 things, what would they be? So here's what I came up with (in no particular order):

1. I wouldn't have had crushes until high school. Even in high school... crushes were stupid.
2. I definitely would have told Mr. Knightley that I had to pee before we ran our lap in gym class.
3. I should have never had bangs in the 8th grade.
4. I would have let my mom decorate my room. And left it that way.
5. I wrote a mean journal page about my mom once and left it out for her to see because I was mad about something stupid. Wouldn't have done that.
6. I wish I had been more patient with Cooper when I used to baby-sit him.
7. I would make the following changes to my wedding: frank sinatra music ONLY, tea-length dress with wrist length gloves, and an up-do'.
8. I would not have ever, ever, ever in a million year bought that Dodge Caliber. Ugh.
9. I would paid more attention in Seminary.
10. I would have either told Ben that I liked him or I would have told him off good for picking on me. Still not sure which route I should have taken there. But one of the two, for sure.

To counter all that negativity, I also came up with 10 things that I would never go back and change:

1. Continuing to write Chris on his mission even after he told me "not to put all my eggs in one basket."
2. Going to BYU.
3. Stealing Angela away from Stacy what's-her-face in the 2nd grade.
4. Cutting my hair my senior year of high school.
5. Staying home a lot on the weekends in high school.
6. Quitting the soccer team.
7. Joining weight watchers.
8. Taking a cake decorating class in 2006.
9. Quitting work to have a baby.
10. Setting Shanna up with Austin via snail mail.


Ryan and Sarah said...

Regret #3 honestly made me laugh, just because thats the year I met you! :) Regret #10 made me smile just because of the person in reference....oh boy. I think my regret would be dancing in the parking lot of the YMCA parking lot while the Ball twins were there...AND trying to shove myself in the locker. What was I thinking?!?! :)

The one thing I wouldn't change - the first year of girls camp and EFY with you! :)

Shanna said...

Ohh I love #10!! We owe you eternal happiness. =)