Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saying Goodbye is Hard to do...

Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time there was a princess. She married a very handsome prince one muggy July morning and two days later they drove off into the sunrise in a very old Ford Taurus. They drove, and they drove, and they drove, drove, drove. They drove all the way until they reached Provo, UT. They tried driving just a little further. They wanted to go visit the princess's fairy godmother in American Fork. But the old Taurus was just so tired, so it blew up on the highway. A kind knight named Sir Brandon came to rescue the prince and the princess and drove them around for many days until they could find another noble steed. The princess very specifically asked the prince not to find a stick-shift steed. But he did anyway. And although the princess did not enjoy learning to drive the stick shift, she did it anyway and soon all was well. The prince and princess were very happy with their new ride for many, many (5) years. Sometimes it got sick and they had to fix it, but for the most part, it was a good car. (And a quickly paid off car) But now, the prince and princess are moving to a far off land called Buena Vista and they cannot take the {now very old and slightly decrepit} car with them so they posted it on KSL for another worthy soul to adopt it. 30 minutes later, the prince had sold it-- without even giving the princess a chance to say goodbye, mind you. So, with a heavy heart, she wrote a blog post as the only way she knew to grieve her loss. It's not such a sad ending though, the prince and the princess would soon get a check from Progressive for the insurance premium they had already paid for the sold car and were also relieved of the financial burden of a car that would definitely not make the drive to Virginia. So, once again, all is well.

Ok, so that was stupid, but I wanted to show the tiny bit of sentimentality that I'm still harboring for our car THAT WE SOLD LAST NIGHT!!! Thank goodness.

Goodbye, car! Thanks for the ride!

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