Monday, May 9, 2011

LDS Blog Buttons - Grab one!

**UPDATE: I'm redesigning all of my LDS Blog buttons. At the moment I only have one available (see the Pages bar across the top), but look for more in the coming weeks (updated on 7/17/2011)**

This is going to be kind of a long post with no pictures. But I'm really excited about it, so hang in there with me and just get to the end, ok? Especially if you're a blogger-- if you're not, you're excused.

So, first things first. It's come to my attention that not everybody knows how to put a blog button on their blog (ahem). And since I really want you all to have my Something Swanky button (free plug for me!), here's how.

1. Any button that you can grab will be displayed with a grab code, usually in a scroll box beneath the button.
2. Highlight and copy the code.
3. Go back to your own blog, click on Design --> Add Gadget --> HTML/Javascript
4. Paste the code into the box and save.
5. Drag the gadget to wherever you'd like to display the button on your blog and save.


Ok, so on to the good stuff. In the October 2010 LDS General Conference, Elder Nelson spoke to us about "being examples of the believers." I got to teach that lesson in Relief Society last month and it really stuck with me. He specifically mentioned using social media to declare our faith and to spread the gospel to others.

I got to thinking about how much time I spend blogging and how I should really dedicate some of that time to missionary efforts online. So, to that end, I've made 15 LDS Blogger Buttons (using Shabby Blogs free designs) that you can grab and put on your blog. They're all pretty simple, most of them just saying something like "I'm an LDS blogger," and they all link back to

So, please, take them!! And spread the word! I'll keep working on new buttons and maybe even some banners like the one on mine. If you'd like one customized with a picture of you or your family or something, email me and I'd be happy to do it for you!

{If you hadn't noticed yet, one of my tabs now says LDS Blog Buttons, you can always find the buttons and their grab codes on that page. I'll add any new ones to that page too}

Hope you like them. Let me know what you think.


Miss Ashley said...

Thank you for the online - and in person - tutorial. You know I'm kind of an idiot.

Ryan and Sarah said...

I LOVE buttons!! They are all so cute - it was hard to pick my favorite! Thanks!!